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They may be cheesy and a bit old fashion, but neither I nor my signers have ever missed a signature, date, or initial on loan docs. EVER! Now that’s perfection! Gotta love those sticker tabs. And I can take a 1 hour closing down to 30 minutes while describing the sheet they are signing, giving them their weekend, evening, workday, and a new one as of this last week, vacation back to them. And what else? Not only do I give them my business card with my business line, work e-mail, and website, I hand write my cell on the back and tell them if they can’t reach their lender or title company, call me, THE NOTARY, whose local. Though my job may be over, if they need anything from me and can’t reach their loan officer or title agent, I can try on my end. I’d have to see the loan go back due to poor communication or the ball being dropped at the 99 yard line. If you are swamped and need a notary to cover your back just in case, that notary is me. I’m invested until loan closes, not at end of signing. These are my neighbors, fellow policemen, military, teachers, nurses, and they deserve white glove service until the end! Call me and you’ll never have a frustrated, LOST buyer after signing. Cell: (719) 482-5498. Licensed notary commission in Colorado State. #realestate #family #nurses #military #teachers #lenders #loansigningagent #signingagent #notarysigningagent #loanclosing #escrowservices #realtor #mortgagelending #police #firefighters

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